I'm Edel Grace Altares, a Computer Science student at the University of Calgary and an aspiring network analyst. In my free time I love to read, play video games, crochet, and code.


This Website

HTTP, PHP, Bootstrap, CSS
This website is running on an LAMP stack on an Ubuntu Cloud VPS provided by Digital Ocean. Every bit of code is written using Vim and is deployed from my local development environment on my laptop.

Mockup Portfolio

A mockup portfolio that is fully responsive purely using only CSS and HTTP aided by media queries. No frameworks were used.

Endless Pomodoro

HTTP, CSS, Javascript
A small Pomodoro timer tool that keeps tracks of 25 minute interval work sessions.

My Blog

PHP, Wordpress
My personal blog where I rant and rave about media, my hobbies, and life in general.

ISM Fanlisting Collective

A collection of fansites covering topics such as video game characters, musicians, and songs. Fans of these topics can add themselves to a public list of fellow fans.

Course Work

Grocery Item Locator

A prototype of a Android application made using Visual Studio. Selecting an item from a grocery store item database pulls up a map of the store and where the item is roughly located. The database is searchable and filters can be applied as well.

Library Website

A library website that accomodates staff and customer use. Staff can login, add books to the database, edit book information, and checkout books. Patrons can login, checkout books, create wish lists, rate and review books, and search the book database.