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9 Years of Blogging

Feb 21, 2016 | Comments

Okay, I know that probably isn’t a lot compared to other bloggers out there but to me, that’s mind blowing. 9 years is around 40% of my life and that percentage will only keep on increasing. Assuming that I continue blogging. As long as I can type, I don’t think I would stop blogging. Sure, my blogging might be extremely sporadic but it’s still blogging to me.

Actually, I was going through my archive and I read a blog post that was from exactly six years and two days ago. That’s 3289 days ago. I laughed to myself abouut how some things just don’t change.

“I haven’t posted in a while.” This is me like every single time I post something. How is this still true even today? “I need to post more,” I say to myself every year.

“I’m too much of a perfectionist.” My second most fatal flaw. My first being that I’m a procrastinator, which I’m 99.9% sure that I was one back then. It’s honestly the deadliest combination against productivity.

“My mom keeps complaining on how I’m ‘losing weight.‘” I literally got into a (civil) argument with my mom about my weight yesterday. I’ve been trying to get toned (hence all the recent fitness posts) because I have always been conscious of my large gut. I’m at a perfect weight for my height I just want to reduce my body fat percentage to get that flat stomach look. They say doing so is 80% diet and 20% exercise. I don’t mind gaining weight through muscles.

“Live performances always rekindle my love for a band.” Just recently I’ve been obsessed with the post-hardcore Canadian band Alexisonfire. This was because, by some chance, I watched an hour long concert on YouTube of theirs from last year. It was mind blowing how perfect they were in that concert. I used to like Alexisonfire a lot when I was in junior high but watching this concert made my love for them grow tenfold. I never realized how great they were as a band.

“I am so tired right now.” They say nine years later that she is still tired today.


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