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Blogilates Beginner’s Workout Calendar 2.0: Day 14

Mar 2, 2016 | Comments

Disclaimer: This “review”/blog series is NOT sponsored in any way and all opinions are entirely of my own.


Day 14: Rest Day

Ummm, what?? It’s rest day already?? I do not believe it. I’ve been at this for two weeks now! I feel proud of myself, I never thought I would be able to make it this far. I’m officially halfway through the calendar! I decided not to do a workout video today because I’ve been so tired and lethargic lately and all of my limbs feel sore. I know this sounds like an excuse but at the moment, I’m feeling pretty scared about my health. Recently I started taking a medication and the side effects have been less than stellar. I’m trying not to feel too bad about it though because today is “rest day” after all.

Video 1: Berrylicious Microwave Minute Muffin

I never actually try these recipes but they are pretty intriguing… I think I might try this tomorrow morning.


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