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Blogilates Beginner’s Workout Calendar 2.0: Day 8

Feb 25, 2016 | Comments

Disclaimer: This “review”/blog series is NOT sponsored in any way and all opinions are entirely of my own.


Day 8: Total Body

After my “rest day” I’ve been missing Cassey a little. It’s hard to believe that it’s already the second week! It doesn’t feel like it’s been that long…

Video 1: Indoor Cardio Workout

I wish I had more time to do workouts in the morning because when it comes to the cardio videos, I just can’t do them 100% without making a bunch of noise. I workout at night which is the most convenient time for me. I did get my heart rate up though, even if I didn’t do the workout to my fullest.

Video 2: Body Slimming Workout

This “body slimming” workout is essentially a rehash of the beginner’s pilate video Cassey made. I enjoy the better quality a lot!

  • Roll Ups: I’m slowly working my way up from an assisted to non-assisted roll up! I can do a couple of roll ups now without holding onto my legs, however my feet kind of lift off the ground but it’s progress!
  • Pilates Stance: This move is okay, I’m finding it easier to hold myself up but I’m not sure if I’m holding myself up high enough.
  • The Hundred: These still are pretty hard for me but when Cassey turned from table top to straight let, I was surprised at how it didn’t get much harder. I can feel myself do these better and without as much strain in my neck!
  • Bridge Pulses: This is a new move! At first it felt really easy to do but then I started to really feel it in my butt. Now, whenever Cassey says, “you’ll feel it in your butt,” I never do so this is a first for me.
  • Double Leg Lift: I still don’t know how to position my hands so that my tailbone doesn’t hurt…
  • Half Cobra Pushup: The cobra moves are a little bit more easier to do every time.
  • Parachuter: Another new move! This move is cool but I have no idea if I’m doing it right. I feels like I’m lifting my body up but again, is it high enough? I don’t know.

Video 3: Stretches to Relieve Lower Back Pain

I tend to slouch a lot but lately I’m becoming more conscious of my posture. My back surprisingly hurts more than usual so I was hoping these would help me in some way.

  • Seated Twist: These felt really good! I do a variation of this whenever I’m sitting down.
  • Pretzel: Cassey claims that this move was a typical gym class move but I’m not sure I remember it! I didn’t feel this one as much but it was surprising to me to find out that I’m more flexible on my right compared to my left side.
  • Cobra: I just can’t seem to escape the cobras… Maybe that’s a good thing because it’s the thing that I need to work on the most!
  • Scorpion Twist: Hmmm, I don’t really see the correlation with a scorpion but this was a fun move regardless. I didn’t have much room to do these but it was still a good stretch.
  • Cat-Dog: This reminds me of like otso-otso in slow motion. Below my shoulders it kind of started to hurt. I didn’t feel much of a stretch but I really tried to mimic the ost-otso flow, haha!


First day of week 2 is over! Today was a little slow with the recap and just a couple of new moves. The cardio wasn’t as heart pumping as I wanted it to be, solely my fault. I’m a little skeptical of the stretches videos because they seem so “complimentary” to the cardio and workout video but it’s a good way to wind down!


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