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But Seriously Though. U-KISS

Nov 27, 2013 | Comments

Okay I admittedly watch too many videos on YouTube when I should be doing school things but I really like looking for videos of U-KISS. I find it to be so embarrassing that I am a fan. I have to watch metal1 music videos afterwards to regain my manliness get rid of that sickly sweet aftertaste in my mouth that I get when I look, hear, or even think about at U-KISS. If you don’t know who U-KISS are, keep it that way and bless your innocent soul.

If (god forbid) you want to know who they are anyway, U-KISS is a Korean boy group. If you still don’t understand, they’re kinda like (and I cringe when I say this) One Direction. They’re essentially really cute boys who dance and sing and some times rap. Now, I’m mostly not ashamed to admit that I like Korean pop but the only boy group I really listen to is Big Bang. They’re bad ass. U-KISS? They’re all bubblegum and fairies. That’s the main reason why I’m so embarrassed to be a Kiss Me2. Fairies and stuff. :(

But seriously though. U-KISS.


But actually, screw U-KISS right now because I just discovered (or rediscovered) some beautiful bands.








There are too many good bands out there. :( How could I possibly even listen to all of them??

  • i.e. DIR EN GREY, Versailles, SCREW  
  • It’s their pet name for their fans. Kinda like how Lady Gaga has her Monsters.  
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