FO #5: My First Granny Square

My previous FO was part of the March National Crochet Month and this one is no different. Except this event is a charity run. This square will be going to a charity to be part of a blanket! Different squares from different people will all be sewn together. I think it’s a cool joint effort!

It took me a swatch to get the hang of making a granny square. Thankfully the process is straightforward. It’s quite relaxing to do! I would love to get rid of my leftover yarn from the MCAL.


FO #4: NatCroMo2017 Mystery Crochet Along

March is National Crochet Month. A group on Ravelry holds a series of events during the month to celebrate. One of these events is a mystery crochet along! Basically, the finished product is a mystery and parts of the pattern is slowly released throughout the month.

There were times I fell a little behind the clues but I managed to finish it off! Honestly, I find it a little bit derpy but that’s part of it’s charm. For my first amigurumi, it’s pretty okay, in my humble opinion!

In the end, it’s supposed to be a kitsune. My SO guessed it was a mouse. My brother thought it was a dog. I thought it was a fox.


Crochet Haul #6: Blanket Mania

I decided to make a baby blanket for my cousin who is due in June. I bought a ton of Bernat Blanket skeins for this project. There is a big sale going on at Michael’s so I kept getting discount after discount. Which is good because I could never imagine buying this many skeins of Bernat Blanket at full price. I may have actually bought too many. I did buy one skein at Walmart though.

Colourways pictured:

  • Vintage White
  • Purple Plum
  • Plum Fields
  • Country Blue
  • Teal Dreams

FO #3: Dot’s Little Ditty Bag – Perpetually Loading

I made this little bag mostly while playing the MMO Blade & Soul, hence the title “Perpetually Loading.” My computer is a bit of a toaster so I managed to get a lot of crocheting done while on the loading screen. Sometimes my game would crash on the loading screen and that would mean even more crocheting for me! Unfortunately, this worked out to the disadvantage of my SO who I was playing with at the time.

This is my very first ever bag. I think it’s pretty cute! I ran out of orange yarn so close to the end so I ended up having to use green for the last one and a half rows. I was so close but I lost the chicken yarn (starting a project with a partially used skein when you don’t know if it will last the whole project).

I don’t think I would ever use it but I am so happy with it! Now, what should I do with it?


Crochet Haul #5: First Michael’s Trip

I recently found out that there was a Michael’s near my workplace. Rookie mistake. After work, I walked over to the store. It’s a 20 minute walk in an area with absolutely no sidewalks. The snow hindered me a little bit but not enough to make me turn away!

Okay, this is actually my second Michael’s yarn trip but the first time, I didn’t buy a single thing. I just went to check out the place and see the different kinds of brands they had.

This time, I knew I needed some yarn for the bag I was going make, my future scarf, and the MCAL for the month. Of course, I ended up buying a lot more yarn than I needed. I also got a free stitch counter and a discount coupon for my next visit. Which will be soon. >:)

So here’s my haul:

  • Loops & Threads Urban (Mustard, Rust, and Gray)
  • Loops & Threads Ring Spun (Blue, Purple, and Gray)
  • Loops & Threads Wool to Wash (Orange Pop, Aqua, Pink, and Purple)
  • Red Heart Super Saver (Black, Aran Fleck, and Cafe Latte)


FO #2: Easy and Thin Dishcloth

This next dishcloth I made was a simple green dishcloth with single crochets. What initially drew me to the pattern was that the texture of the dishcloth was very pretty. I was surprised to know that the variance in texture was simple due to changing which loop you inserted the hook in! While it isn’t completely perfect, by the time I finished this I felt a lot more confident in my single crochets.

The yarn I used here was Bernat Handicrafter in Hot Green. I used all of it up after making my previous dish cloth. So around 50 yards were used, I’m guessing.


Crochet Haul #4: HiKoo Simplicity

I made a post about participating in Crochet Along Together (CAT) to make a three colour cowl and the yarn I ordered for the project finally arrived! It was good timing too because the event started the next day. I was getting a little worried that it wouldn’t arrive in time.

Despite the discount I got on the yarn due specifically to the CAT (the CAT was sponsored by this brand, I think), it was kind of pricey for me. Mind you, this is definitely due to the fact that the Canadian dollar is doing so shitty right now. Also, I’m speaking from a broke university student perspective, ~$40 is a lot to spend on three small-ish skeins of yarn. The shipping and the conversion is really what hit me the most. But I shouldn’t complain because the yarn looks great.

Seriously, they are absolutely gorgeous. Funnily enough, the colours were arranged exactly how I wanted them to be. I feel like these colours fit very well together and I love blue and orange combinations.

What’s Pictured

  • HiKoo Simplicity Sage Green
  • HiKoo Simplicity Aqua Mint
  • HiKoo Simplicity Chili Orange

Crochet Haul #3: Vanna’s Choice in Silver Grey Yarn

When I bought my crochet hook set, I needed to buy an additional $15 worth of products so I could get free shipping. It saved me around five dollars and there was no point in getting hooks without any yarn.

Unfortunately, they shipped it separate from the hooks but I had bought yarn from Walmart in the meantime while waiting for my things to arrive.

So here is the skein of yarn I got from Amazon. It’s Vanna’s Choice from Lion Brand in silver grey.


National Crochet Month 2017: Mystery Crochet Along Clues 1 & 2

The group on Ravelry are holding an MCAL (Mystery Crochet Along) which I am taking part of. The project is an amigurumi. I have never made an amigurumi before and this will be my first! It will be interesting seeing that I have no idea what the finished project will look like. These are the first two clues finished. I still need to start clue 3 and 4, I’m a little behind.

I think it looks like a bird so far but that’s just me.


FO #1: Corchet Guru Dishcloth

On February 26 I finished my very first project! It’s only a simple dishcloth as I’m just starting out. I know the colours are kind of garish but I never thought I’d be using them together until I actually started working on it. I can see some of the mistakes I made, and there are many, but I am extremely happy with how it turned out and I had a lot of fun making it. Overall, it took me around four hours spread over a three days.


Yarn Used

Progress Pictures