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First Time Crocheting on a Road Trip

Over the weekend I went to Drumheller with the family. Up to this point I haven’t had a chance to go on a long road trip with my crochet. I started this ripple afghan a couple of days ago with Bernat Blanket Stripes yarn. This blanket is intended for my cousins’s newborn son. I guess he isn’t quite so newborn now but every baby could use a blanket regardless! I actually restarted this blanket once or twice but I finally got the hang of it while on this trip.

The drive to Drumheller from Calgary isn’t completely long, just under two hours, but I managed to get a decent amount of rows done. It was a very relaxing and productive way to spend my time other than just sleeping. I have to admit, there were times when I felt sleepy enough to pass out but I kept through with it! It didn’t help that it was lightly raining at one point as well. But I plugged in my headphones and played a little bit of The Strokes and some Utada to keep me awake.

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Starting a Nanodegree at Udacity

While I’m still looking for a job this summer (which is almost halfway over already… Blah!) I took a cue from Y who started to work on some side projects and I decided to be a little more productive. Since I have a free month of Udacity from the GitHub Student Pack. Udacity is basically an online learning hub where you can take courses that are related to the tech field.

Since I am an aspiring full stack web developer, I decided to go with the appropriately named, “Full Stack Developer” Nanodegree. I am probably around 20% completed the degree and it’s been pretty much a week since I started.

So far I have done some basic Python programming and responsive web development. I didn’t learn much with the Python programming part because it was all very basic and I’ve done a lot of Python programming. Basically I made a movie trailer website that is composed of static web pages generated with Python. The web pages are composed of movie trailers that are pulled from The Movie DB using their API. You can check out an example here or take a look at it on GitHub.

Right now I’m working on a responsive web design. It’s taking a little bit more time because I’ve been busy the past couple of days. I had my first counselling appointment with a new counsellor, went to some Stampede breakfasts, and hung out with family and Y. But I think I’m pretty much done it all except for making sure everything complies with Udacity’s style guides. I keep tripping up on them wanting being lowercase instead. It’s hard to break old habits.

One thing I really like about their format is that there are a lot of videos. That way I can take my time to weave in ends for my temperature blanket that I’m working on. July is turning out to be a rollercoaster for weather. I had my first solid colour square the other day. It was pretty rainy on that day which explains why it was so much cooler. Now the rain spell has mostly ended and we’re back to low 30s weather. I don’t know which I prefer the most…

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FO #6: My Second Granny Square

FO means “finished object” in crochet and knitter terms. So any completed project is a finished object!

After making my first granny square, I quickly made my second granny square. Both were made from Loop & Threads yarn of the wool variety. I can’t remember the exact name of the yarn.

I am not quite sure about the colour choices but they were the colours I had on hand of the same yarn. It is better than my previous one in that it uses more than two colours. I have been crocheting for a couple of months now but I am still intimidated with colour changes. Eventually I want to work my way into making a really pretty piece with different colours that all fit together!


Winding Yarn Multitasking

Since I recently started making a temperature blanket. I bought a couple of skeins of yarn (Bernat Premium, they are so soft!) and decided to wind them into balls to make transporting them easier for when/if I’m on the go. Surprisingly, it takes a while for them to wind up. I thought it was a perfect opportunity to watch some TV shows while doing it.

I decided to finish up watching season 2 of Knights of Sidonia, an anime about a human space colony at war with alien-like creatures. I did get distracted midway through watching. I never did crochet or knit from the center of the skein so I decided to wind from the center. The perfect center pull hole in the middle of the skein was glorious to look at!

By the time I finished winding, I had finished Knights of Sidonia and then went on to watching The Man in the High Castle. I didn’t get to finish all of that series in that winding session, unfortunately. But I do really enjoy being able to kill two birds with one stone. There were some moments when I paid attention to one thing more than the other but true multitasking is impossible.

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Day Out in Pre-Stampede Rush

I went to the first pancake breakfast of the season with my family the other day. It was close to home which was a great bonus because my dad had the car for work. The breakfast wasn’t busy at all but maybe being fairly early was a factor. They only served pancakes and sausage patties but they were pretty good! There was also a Tim Hortons truck giving out free coffee and hot chocolate. I’m not one for straight up coffee (my favourite is French Vanillas) so I just opted for some hot chocolate.

After that I went to the library to return a library book and just sat and wound some yarn for a bit while looking at craft magazines. Since there was a Michaels nearby, I couldn’t resist using my coupon for some hooks, stitch markers, and pins. All which I desperately needed. Who knew stitch markers could get so lost easily…? ALSO, libraries have magazines which is so cool! I was debating subscribing to some crochet, knitting, or general craft magazines but now I definitely won’t (sorry, magazines).

Then my brother and I went to Tim Horton’s for some lunch and I headed over to Y’s! While there I got to finish my July afghan square which was pretty relieving. I didn’t follow it to a tee but I made do with what I made. Expect a post on this square eventually!

We ended up going to the local museum as they offer free nights every first Thursday of the month. I regret not taking a lot of pictures but I did take pictures of my favourite pieces. All mineral related. I have a soft spot for rocks because when I was younger, I had a geology phase and would look at minerals literally all day. The ones they had on display were extremely gorgeous.

Above is a picture of a fossilized ammonite!

This is just plain old quartz but I fell in love with the colour!

What surprised me the most was the silver because I never imagines silver to look so dark! I also enjoyed the carvings made out of the rocks. The skill required to make some of them blows my mind.

There were other exhibitions, mostly pertaining to historical artifacts. A lot of weapons, clothing, models, masks, etc. My second favourite exhibit is the one of the old fashioned trains that would travel across the country. I really fantasize about sleeping on a bed on a train. It just looked so cozy. One of these days!

Overall, I had a pretty good day. The heat wave just started and Stampede is about to begin so I don’t think I’ll be able to enjoy an outing until all that is over.


Canada 150 Temperature Blanket: First Colour Change

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Since the beginning of July, I’ve been recording the highs and lows of the daily temperature through granny squares. The middle colour represents the low of the day and the outer colour represents the high of the day. The first three days of July were roughly the same but the fourth was a little bit cooler.

They say that Alberta is going to have a heat wave the next couple of days but I don’t feel it yet. I went to the gym this morning and there was a nice cool breeze. I’m sitting in my room right now and I’m not sweating one bit (TMI, I sweat pretty easily). I wish it would stay like this until the end of summer but I truly do anticipate the weather kicking up a notch.

I’m currently trying to think about when I should start joining the squares. I’m thinking maybe every weekend is when I’ll take the time to do it. Looking at weaving all those ends makes me a little bit nervous too. Ah, oh well. I find that once I start weaving in ends, it’s not so bad. Just getting started on weaving ends is where my mind goes, “Maybe later…”

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Yarn Haul #8: Gina Brown’s First Visit

I went to visit another local yarn store called Gina Brown’s. I was in the area waiting to meet up with some friends and decided to pop in and check the place out. It’s way too convenient that this place is a ten minute walk away from a train station.

It’s a nice store. In the back there’s a big table available for classes and (I’m assuming) to just knit or crochet. There is a wide selection of yarn and I definitely did not take my time looking through all of them, even though I should have! Like I said in my previous yarn haul post, it would have been rude to visit and not buy anything! You gotta support the small businesses!

A couple of months ago I participated in a crochet along together using HiKoo Simplicity Yarn. I paid sooooo much more for these yarn buying them online. If only I knew they were sold for much cheaper in an actual physical store!

Oh well, I’m glad I grabbed these. And such pretty colours too!

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Yarn Haul #7: The Knitting Room First Visit

I have been going to the Brentwood Village Mall for the past couple of years now and I have never ever noticed this nice little yarn store before until I started up crochet. The Knitting Room is a small store located in a mall close to my university. I usually go to the mall when I’m itching to walk somewhere between classes. I decided to finally visit The Knitting Room for the first time and came away with some yarn! Honestly, it would have been rude to visit and not buy anything!

This first yarn attracted me mainly because of the colours. I really love any color combination containing brown, blue, and white.

These two I also chose because of the colour. I find that lately I’m really drawn towards greens and blues. I have yet to find the perfect orange-y yarn that I really covet and desire. One of these days!


Hooked on Crochet Spring 2017 Swap

Hooked on Crochet is a Discord server that I am a part of. If you don’t know what Discord is, it is essentially a chat client for gamers. You can create your own “servers” or chat rooms for dedicated topics. Hooked on Crochet is (obviously) a group of crocheters. They organized a yarn swap last spring which I took a part of.

My gifter got me a set of hand dyed Alpaca yarn, a llama stitch marker, and a pattern for a unicorn amigurumi! I really love the stitch marker, it’s very cute and handy. The yarn I am planning to use for a shawl eventually, at least that is my plan for it. I will also eventually make a unicorn for one of my cousin’s kids, while they’re still young.

While I didn’t get to take any pictures of the actual yarn I managed to get for my giftee, I did get a picture of the package that I eventually sent out. I also bought him a yarn swift from Amazon from a gift card that I had. What I ended up buying for him was otter stitch markers, a skein of yarn bought from Etsy, Caron Cakes, and some local yarn.

Overall, it was a great experience! I got some cool yarn out of it which was sweet. And I love the fact that my giftee was totally over the moon with what I got him. 10/10 would do again!


FO #5: My First Granny Square

My previous FO was part of the March National Crochet Month and this one is no different. Except this event is a charity run. This square will be going to a charity to be part of a blanket! Different squares from different people will all be sewn together. I think it’s a cool joint effort!

It took me a swatch to get the hang of making a granny square. Thankfully the process is straightforward. It’s quite relaxing to do! I would love to get rid of my leftover yarn from the MCAL.