FO #4: NatCroMo2017 Mystery Crochet Along

March is National Crochet Month. A group on Ravelry holds a series of events during the month to celebrate. One of these events is a mystery crochet along! Basically, the finished product is a mystery and parts of the pattern is slowly released throughout the month.

There were times I fell a little behind the clues but I managed to finish it off! Honestly, I find it a little bit derpy but that’s part of it’s charm. For my first amigurumi, it’s pretty okay, in my humble opinion!

In the end, it’s supposed to be a kitsune. My SO guessed it was a mouse. My brother thought it was a dog. I thought it was a fox.

2 thoughts on “FO #4: NatCroMo2017 Mystery Crochet Along

    1. Haha thanks! I think it looks like a dog too… oh well. I made it without knowing that it would be a kitsune in the end so I’d say it was a good attempt!

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