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FO: 10 Minute Soap Scrubby

Dec 5, 2018 | Comments

FO stands for “finished object.” It is a term used by knitters and crocheters.

I’ve had this yarn sitting around for a couple months now and I figured it would be a good time to finally use it. I’ve been suffering from dry skin lately and maybe I just need to exfoliate and moisturize more. So I scoured Ravelry for some patterns that use this yarn. I found a couple of loofahs but working with this yarn is soooo tedious that I opted for a simple “10 minute soap scrub” instead. It did not take 10 minutes, maybe around 15-20 minutes (to be fair, I was watching Mr. Robot while doing it).

This is actually the second one I made because I immediately used the first one when I took a shower. Whoops.

10 Minute Soap Scrubby


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