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Just a Review #1

Nov 8, 2013 | Comments

I said before that I’m finding it slightly hard to come up with blog topics. Therefore, I am creating a new feature for my blog: Just a Review. It’s basically what it seems like: just a review of my day. It’s not necessarily a review review but more like a summary. If I rated my days it would be very depressing to look at all the low scores1

So, from the beginning!

This morning I woke up. I have alarms on my iPod that go off at five minute intervals. I totally thought I had an alarm for 7:05 but when I finally came to, it was 7:13. It doesn’t seem that disastrous at first but it is when I have to leave the house at 7:45! To my dismay I realized that my breakfast was to be porridge. It takes me forever to eat porridge! Although, I’m proud to say that I downed that mofo in less than ten minutes.

When I got to the station, I didn’t get a seat on the bus like I usually do. Not getting a seat on the train isn’t a big deal but it is on the bus. The train doesn’t make huge turns that doesn’t threaten to throw you on the person next to you. As soon as a good chunk of people got off the bus, I grabbed a seat.

It’s getting late and unfortunately I have no time to write the restful this blog post!

  • I’m mostly kidding.  
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