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kya! effect

Feb 14, 2010 | Comments

The kya! effect is in progress… kind of.

Ever since the new year started, I’ve been thinking of changing the site name to “kya!” as “Ueda ♥ Love” can imply that it is just a fansite dedicated to Ueda Tatsuya.

I’ve gotten a new layout (hint: J-Rock FTW?) all ready. I’m working on the pages. With the “kya! effect” I’m going to focus on my fandoms. Like fanlists, tribute pages, etc etc. Originally, that’s what Ueda Love was supposed to be.

I’ll still blog! But I don’t think a lot of people enjoy my ranting haha.

And of this moment I submitted an application form for a fanlist for the song “외톨이 (Loner/Alone)” by Outsider.

I LOVE OUTSIDER. He’s the best Korean rapper ever. Way better than G-Dragon. He actually speaks about things in his songs. He’s pretty cute as well :3 Haha. I’ve gotten Dylan to listen to Outsider and he as well now loves him. Ahh yay for Asian music…

Anyway. Valentines Day is tomorrow. Ah. What do I do? How can I show Dylan my affection online? Gah XD Valentines day just complicates things even more. Pressures couples to buy things/do special things together. Why this day? Why buy things/spend time on this ONE day? Shouldn’t you just do those things because you care for them, not because the holiday says no? Kinda sound slike a money making scheme. But yes, I guess Valentines day can be special. Feel free to argue with me. Haha.

Ah, fandom.

I’m watching this really scary anime Dylan told me to watch. It’s scary but I LOVE IT. I jumped like three times within the first 45 seconds of it. How sad am I? There’s this robot girl named Pino. She dresses up in a bunny suit and is soooo cute. Haha. Only an otaku would probably think that ^^”

Oh what have I been doing today? Procrastinating on homework. Watching anime. Reading manga. Coding. Website browsing. Only a girl who’s really bored looks at the DMW member list from top to bottom. It was fun though!

I haven’t run out of things to say but I’ll stop for now. My rants are too long… Anyway, mata ne~! [See you later~!]


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