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Making the Almost Switch to Tumblr

Jan 14, 2013 | Comments

I love WordPress. It’s the best content management system for me and extremely flexible. Anything is possible in WordPress. However, lately I’ve been noticing a lack in the number of blogs from undergrads and grads alike. I searched high and low on WordpPess, Blogger, etc. Then I remembered: Tumblr. Not surprisingly, the student blogging community is thriving on Tumblr.

Tumblr is less of a blogging platform, but more of a social media website. I can see why younger people prefer blogging on Tumblr rather than more complex platforms like WordPress. Upon browsing the librarian community on Tumblr, I was dumbstruck. So this is where all of the blogging librarians, potential librarians, and library lovers hang out!

Although I do love Tumblr, I was disappointed. I already spend enough time on Tumblr as it is! I’ve been tracking my website usage since December and at one point I spent almost 12 hours on Tumblr in a week. I’ve been making progress since then, but I don’t want to back to my Tumblr time sucking days.

While trying to find a way to sync the blogs I follow on Tumblr to my Google Reader account (the answer is IFTTT, by the way), I had another revelation: I can post my WordPress posts to Tumblr automatically! Yeah, it kinda sucks out the interactivity with the community but it’s the closest I can get without the temptation of spending 4 hours on Tumblr.

But I am faced with another dilemma: I need to post way more. The heart of Tumblr is reblogging. It’s so easy to reblog as many things as you want in a short period of time. Content sharers are able to produce more posts than content creators, unless you are both of course. It’s also a really personal medium as well (I’ve read many TMI posts about, uh, womanly issues on Tumblr). I want approach The Librarian Code more professionally, so don’t expect any TMI posts from me.

So yes, I have made the almost switch to Tumblr. Expect more from me, hopefully. :)

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