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My Week #1

Jan 6, 2014 | Comments

I just moved into my shiny new Filofax: a personal sized Woodlands named Ainsley. I spent the day before Christmas Eve and Christmas Eve printing out my custom inserts. I’m not 100% happy with them. Good thing I didn’t print out the whole year and only printed this a semester worth of them. So this is my first week using them! Not a lot happened (besides from parties and the like) so there’s not a lot written in there.

I’m not into decorating (my reasons are similar to my first two reasons why I don’t use makeup) so future “my week” posts will be quite bland.

So here we go! :D




And a preview of this week… School is starting. :( Tomorrow I’m going to the university to do all my errands. My wallet is going to cry.


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