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The Scarf

Nov 25, 2013 | Comments

The sun cleared up his eyes and I was instantly lost.

Even when his head turned towards mine

I could not and would not tear mine away from his.

That colour!

I had never experienced it before.

Warm and clear.

I could see forever in his eyes.

I could feel his disappointment

when he looked into mine: an endless dirt pit.

But he smiled at me then, a sweet crooked grin

accompanied by an equally sweet pair of crooked teeth.

A cat-like curl and a crooked grin.

I had never experienced these colours before.

I really wish I could be able to write poems! Poems are beautiful but like I’ve said before, I’m not a writer. Writers have an innate ability to know and feel words and I definitely do not have that. I tried guys, I tried1. If you’re wondering what this is about, it’s about a random encounter I had while on campus in my freshman year. I hate how encounters on campus are random. Come back, mystery guy!

In other news, I’m seriously fading in motivation. I just feel really down all of a sudden and all of the time. But then I remember AJ from U-KISS and I remember that he goes to Columbia and works his butt off (I hope). AJ, please give me inspiration!! And yeah, Eat Your Kimchi has officially converted me into a Kiss Me. I have mixed feelings. Be right back while I go blast some acid android and DIR EN GREY. Maybe with some Sadie and SCREW in the mix. I need more SCREW songs. And I have an album that I have yet to give a full listen through by DIR EN GREY. I’m so behind in my music! I wish I had money to buy music. ;A; I need a job but I need good grades. Whaaaat is life?

  • But in the end, it doesn’t even matter. I just rediscovered Linkin Park, okay.  
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