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Three Songs I’ve Been Playing on Repeat

Sep 23, 2012 | Comments

These past two months or so have been great for new music. G-Dragon’s comeback and news of Coheed and Cambria’s new album. So many good things are happening! Lately, there has been three songs that I’ve been playing over and over again.

That XX
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The first one worth mentioning is G-Dragon’s new ballad, That XX. For those who don’t know, G-Dragon is a South Korean artist part of the boy group BIG BANG. I loved That XX the moment I saw a gif of it on Tumblr. As soon as I did see the gif, I went straight to YouTube. I was not expecting a ballad from G-Dragon, to be honest. His last single release was One of a Kind and just by reading the title, you can tell immediately that it was one of those obnoxious arrogant songs that artists like to create these days.

That XX strongly contrasts One of a Kind. It’s mostly just G-Dragon’s sweet voice singing accompanied by an acoustic guitar. Definitely not a song to dance wildly to at parties. It’s really bittersweet, telling the tale of a love triangle. G-Dragon just sounds so sincere in his singing and vulnerable, I love it. The lyrics are extremely relatable, however, nothing too heart wrenching.

Next up is a cover by YouTube user, Joel (Jbry2k8), of the song Smile originally by the Japanese band Monkey Majik. Just a bit of background on Monkey Majik, they’re a Japanese-Canadian band. Two members are brothers and hail from Canada, and the other two (or three?) are Japanese. Fun fact, Blaise Plant (the bassist) went to Alberta for university, at University of Lethbridge. I’m still wondering why people from Ontario would go all the way to Alberta for university, and to U of L at that. I have a two friends who go there actually but still. U of L? Well, I won’t judge too much.

Back to the song, this is wonderful. A bit pitchy at times, but still wonderful. I’m absolutely in love with Joel’s voice. He has sort of a raspy down to earth tone that is just so, wow. The song just fits his voice perfectly as well. It almost seems as if it was made for him. Smile is another acoustic song, sung entirely in English. The lyrics are beautiful and they really resonate with me. It kinda inspires me in a way. I just love the chorus. I caught a bolt of lightning, put it in my pocket as a good luck charm. And then I started thinking, maybe this piece of fire will protect me from harm. Is that not beautiful? Although, I wish some of the mixing was done better. There are some times when Joel’s voice is louder than other times and it slightly annoys me but eh.

Last and certainly not least is Coheed and Cambria’s new song, Domino the Destitute. Oh. My. Gulay. This song is easily my favourite song of the year (so far anyway, as I’m still waiting for DIR EN GREY’S new single, RINKAKU, to be released this December). I’ve almost forgotten how much I love Coheed and Cambria. My friend made me a huge fan of them like two or three years ago. And oh goodness, there is no Coheed song that I do not LOVE. For instance, their album Good Apollo I (shortened of course) is a godsend. I love every single song on the album. I sing along to them every time. They’re just that good.

This song. Oh, this song. Domino the Destitute is wonderful. It’s around 8 minutes long and you wouldn’t tell at all. The lead singer, Claudio Sanchez, is an amazing song writer and vocalist. His range is absolutely beautiful and oh I cannot even begin to describe my love for this song. There’s an intense sound to it, it’s just perfect in all aspects. The guitar work is pretty amazing and me oh my, nothing is out of place. Nothing. Clean, sharp, beautiful. So catchy, so amazing. I swear I’m not a Coheed fangirl, I am far from it. It gets better every time I listen to it. Ugh. Just take my word for it when I say it’s a great song.


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