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Trying Meetups.com

Feb 7, 2017 | Comments

Lately I’ve been feeling pretty down in the dumps. Ever since I started working, I realized that I have a lot of free time that I don’t know what to do with. I even started to (I can’t believe I’m saying this) miss having homework. Okay, I actually have a lot of projects that I want to get working on but I also want to be a little more social.

My SO had been talking about his ventures in bouldering and going out with his friends. I started to feel a little envious. Truthfully, I only have one friend outside of my SO and our schedules are so out of sync that I can only see her a couple times a year. So my SO and I ended up looking for hobbies that I could get into, but also with a social aspect.

I entertained the idea of joining a club on campus but since my work is pretty far from campus and I also live far from campus, I decided it might now be the best idea. I did, however, find a couple of clubs that I would like to join for when I go back to school.

In the meantime, we found a couple of groups on Meetup.com. There were a lot that I had to sift through. Some of them I was interested in but the group was dead. Others were so popular that their events required wait lists. I ultimately narrowed them done to a couple of groups that I would like to try out.

Board Games for Women

I always wanted to get into board games and make more female friends. Being in a male dominated major, I don’t have a lot of opportunities to meet other women.

Arts and Crafts

When I was younger, I was a very crafty person. One of my elementary teachers once noted that I was “always making something.” Not much has changed except for the fact that my creative pursuits are now digital. I would love to get in touch with the more physical side of creating things again.

Big Data Programming

I find the concept of big data to be incredibly interesting. I haven’t done a lot of programming as of late but it would be a great idea to get involved. Their meetups are a little sporadic but hopefully they have an event soon.


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