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Sep 13, 2015 | Comments

Disclaimer: This is a cross post from my Tumblr blog, Study, Scattered Me!. As well, any products mentioned in this post are not in any way sponsored (unless stated) and my views on those products are my own.

My super messy notes (right) vs the rewritten version (left). During a lecture, neat and legible notes are the last things on my mind. Okay, sometimes I zone out and look down at my paper and think, “Wow, this looks horrible.” The main thing that matters is that I can understand them when I go to rewrite it. Also, note all the whiteout. I’m trying so hard to use whiteout and not to start a new clean sheet of paper every time I make a mistake. I’ve wasted so many trees doing that in the past.


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My name is Edel Grace Altares. My programming interests include full stack development and back end development. My languages of choice are Python and Java. Outside of programming I enjoy crocheting, video games, cats, historical fiction, and reading.