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Where Can I Get Coffee After Five in this City?

Mar 3, 2017 | Comments

I found myself in downtown with cancelled plans the other day. I didn’t have to be home for another two hours so I decided to try a new coffee place. It was around five in the evening. I pulled up Google Maps and searched for coffee.

Scrolling through the list, I found that most of the coffee places closed at 5:00PM or 6:00PM. I needed a place to sit and blog hop for a little bit so that was no good. Even Starbucks closed pretty early!

From the list, I picked a couple of the coffee shops that were still open and just a 15 minute walk away from my current spot. When I went up to them, I discovered that they were actually closed for the day or closed for forever. Great.

In the end, I just went to the mall that had a Tim Hortons that was guaranteed to be open past 7pm. Unfortunately, it wasn’t the vibe I wanted as it was crowded with strangely energetic construction workers who just ended the day but it did the job. I could sit down, drink some coffee, nibble on a donut, and comment on some blogs.

I wonder why some places close so early? I read somewhere that Calgary has a horrible night life and I just might have to agree. Downtown is honestly the last place I imagined to have places closing up early. In fact, I would have assumed the opposite!

My SO and I actually ran into similar problems during Valentine’s Day. We didn’t want to go to a restaurant but instead wanted to go do something. There were a couple of galleries we wanted to go to but they all close at 5:30pm. We would never make it there on time.

I know people want to go home to their loved ones at night but what about night owls like myself who want to put off going home but still enjoy a nice and quiet atmosphere? Okay, maybe I’m asking for too much.


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