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Winding Yarn Multitasking

Jul 12, 2017 | Comments

Since I recently started making a temperature blanket. I bought a couple of skeins of yarn (Bernat Premium, they are so soft!) and decided to wind them into balls to make transporting them easier for when/if I’m on the go. Surprisingly, it takes a while for them to wind up. I thought it was a perfect opportunity to watch some TV shows while doing it.

I decided to finish up watching season 2 of Knights of Sidonia, an anime about a human space colony at war with alien-like creatures. I did get distracted midway through watching. I never did crochet or knit from the center of the skein so I decided to wind from the center. The perfect center pull hole in the middle of the skein was glorious to look at!

By the time I finished winding, I had finished Knights of Sidonia and then went on to watching The Man in the High Castle. I didn’t get to finish all of that series in that winding session, unfortunately. But I do really enjoy being able to kill two birds with one stone. There were some moments when I paid attention to one thing more than the other but true multitasking is impossible.


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