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Attempts at Cooking

Jun 11, 2017 | Comments

I tried to cook more during the month of May. Partly because my mother was out of the country and then cooking was left to us but also because I’m trying my best to learn how to cook. Unfortunately, most of what I cooked was pretty simple but I still managed to cook some things. I didn’t take pictures of everything I cooked, although I totally should have.

Honey Garlic Chicken Wings

I tried so hard and got so far but in the end, it doesn’t even matter.

Jokes aside, I put a lot of time into making these chicken wings. I floured them, fried them, made the sauce, and cooked them again. It tasted horrible. My brother reassured me they were tasty and he ate most of them but I know a good honey garlic wing when I taste one. The sugar got burnt and I put way too much soy sauce. Oh well, you can’t win all the time.

Mac and Cheese from scratch

I had tried to make mac and cheese from scratch once before. It was not great. This time around, it was absolutely delicious! We used Swiss cheese which wasn’t ideal (my brother is on a low sodium diet) but it still tasted great. The cheese turned out nice and creamy as well. Would definitely make again!

Chili Wrap

I made chili and wrapped it up in a tortilla. Not a lot of brain power needed for this little meal but I was pleased with the results. I may have under-cooked the beans a bit. Next time I know I need to cook them for longer!

Homemade Cheesecake Quest

Feb 18, 2017 | Comments

I can count the number of times I have tried to make cheesecake on one hand. It’s not that many but I count that as a quest to make the ultimate cheesecake. It’s my favourite dessert. Yes, it’s incredibly filling and calorie dense and expensive but I love it. The expensiveness factor is a big reason why I’m trying to perfect the art of the cheesecake.

On my first attempt back in high school, it tasted lke cream cheese on a graham cracker crust. Definitely not quality cheesecake material.

Since we’re stingy on saving electricity, my next two attempts were of the no bake variety. They were good but they didn’t taste like cheesecake at all. It tasted more like a heavy cream pie. But it was still delicious.

For Valentine’s Day, I baked my first actual cheesecake. I followed a recipe on Reddit. It was a cheesecake but with a brownie bottom instead of the traditional graham cracker crust. I was a little stressed because I had bought less cream cheese than I needed and it seemed like it just spread over the brownie like a thin layer of icing. Also when I was cutting it, it was hard to pry it from the pan. I was worried the brownie had burnt but some parts of it weren’t actually that cooked…

However, it was my closest attempt to an actual cheesecake I had ever made. It. Was. Delicious. When I got home from work, my brother and mom had almost eaten all of it.


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