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Finally Imported Those Old Posts

Sep 27, 2015 | Comments

So now that I’ve moved hosts, I decided to do some spring cleaning (fall cleaning?). Right now, my databases are a mess. I have a lot of databases that aren’t used and databases that are waiting to be used. I still had my old blog database, back from when Brokenphrases was my main blog. So, I decided to to import all those pages and posts here.

Now my blog post archive is pretty much complete. It was such a nostalgia trip going back and reading my old posts. A lot of them were cringe worthy, too. Mostly I just spent a lot of time clicking on links to old websites that I’ve mentioned in my posts. It’s so weird to think that I’ve been blogging (on and off) for over seven years now. I really wish I could be more consistent with my posts so that I have a more clearer picture of what my life was like when I look back on them again, but life doesn’t always work out the way you want it too…

Right now I’m procrastinating (as always, not much has changed in seven years). I’m kind of sick but not sick enough to warrant me staying in bed and doing nothing. Yesterday was my dad’s birthday party and I spent the evening entertaining my little cousin. He is absolutely adorable! He’s a little on the chubby side but I love chubby kids. He reminds me of a marshmallow! We played Checkers and Scrabble the whole night. Well… Our version of Checkers and Scrabble! We decided to bend the rules because my little cousin wasn’t convinced! Regardless, it was a nice night.

I also spent a good chunk of yesterday creating a LinkedIn profile and fixing my resume. I’m a little hesitant about my resume because I don’t have that much work experience but my friend promised to help me with it. There’s a volunteer position open at the organization she also volunteers for and it would be nice to get more things on my resume. Plus, they need a lot of help this year. I’ve witnessed it first hand, my friend seems to be doing everything by herself almost! Sometimes I try to help where I can but more of the bigger things require me to in an actual volunteer position. Hopefully I can land it!

Alright, that was just a quick update. I really do need to get to work on my school things. I have a couple of lecture notes that I need to catch up on and a few readings to do. Hopefully I can bring some more non-Tumblr posts here!

Straight From Canada

May 7, 2013 | Comments

I’ve been in the Philippines for about five days now. We decided to take a family trip, because it’s been way too long since we’ve been here. It’s been good for the most part. Except it’s been an endless cycle of sleep, eat, sleep, eat, sleep with the rare outing. I thought I was going to lose weight here but I’m actually gaining, haha.

So if you want to see my Tumblr-ized version of the first two days of my trip (because I’m lazy and the heat makes me even lazier), here you go:

Holy shoes I have Internet. And I’m justifying my use of it because my brother is watching my cousin play CoD on the computer (boys are boys in any part of the world) and I have nothing else to do. ;_;

Yesterday I arrived in the Philippines. As soon as we stepped out of the plane, a wave of heat struck us. And I have to say, Noynoy International Airport is super friendly. You know that little link from the plane to the actual airport? There was staff literally lining the walls greeting us. “Welcome to the Philippines. Mabuhay. Welcome.” Pretty darn cool. While we were waiting for our baggage a swarm of people came to help us. They all want to get tipped, haha. But we ran out of pesos tipping just one person and my dad gave five dollar Canadian bills to the rest of them, haha.

The trip from the airport to my mom’s place is super long. Not really but it felt long to me. We left the airport around 10 in the morning and arrived around 6 or 7. I have to the say, I was awake for the majority of the ride and I only saw two stop lights. And they weren’t even in Manila. What I did see was a lot of campaign posters (it’s election time here) and tons of tricycles and jeeps passing us by. My uncle who came to get us likes to overtake cars and it kinda gives me a heart attack every time. He even did it in a “no overtaking zone” and I kinda freake out.

But yes we got to my mom’s place. Every one there is shorter than I am, except for my male cousins and uncles. The women are tiny. My Lola is so tiny and short and cute and wrinkly and toothless and awehh she’s so adorable. She squeezed my arm, said I was fat (in Tagalog ofc) and squeezed me tight. So cute. ;A; Anyway I went to bed after we ate. The rooms are super hot and super tiny so my mom, my Lola and I slept in one room and my brother and my dad in the other. My brother got the room with air conditioning. -__- But it’s cold-ish at night so I guess it’s okay.

I woke up this morning and it was really bright and I thought I slept in really late but it was actually like six in the morning. Welp.

After we ate breakfast (longanisa with rice, basically a sweet sausage) and took showers (it’s literally a small tiled room outdoors next to the chicken coop and the toilet that’s basically just a hole in the ground so it doesn’t really feel like you’re clean because it smells like shit everywhere) we went to the market, or palinki (idk how to spell that).

There’s so many people in the market!! So many stalls everywhere and people trying to get you to buy stuff. And flies. My brother and I followed our cousin while he was getting groceries and it was fun. He was talking to one of the vendors and as we were leaving he spoke to us in English and the vendor was like, “HOY THEY’RE ENGLISH SPEAKING.” It’s really hard not to speak English in public (we might robbed or something like that). But yes that was fun.

We got home and it was only 9. So we just lazed about, taking a nap, watching some TV, and now I’m sitting in a hot cramped room watching the boys play CoD. It’s now 3 in the afternoon.

Who Needs One Topic Blog Posts?

Feb 17, 2013 | Comments

I quit Tumblr for Lent. It’s only been a couple of days, and I’ve accumulated so many Tumblr blog posts in my mind and it’s kinda driving me crazy. So crazy to the point where a Tumblr and serious blog crossover is inevitable. Tumblr posts are mostly Twitter-like in nature, except ten times the sarcasm, ten times the ironic usage of poor grammar and spelling, and ten times that length. Not to mention the heavily fangirling where everyone assumes that everyone else knows what they’re talking about, even if they’re not in the fandom (I tried so hard to make this sentence make sense but this is all I got).

Ugh no wow stop

Attractive engineering guy is really attractive. I haven’t seen him since like semester. Now I go to a different lecture for my statics course because my statics prof confuses me. I found out that attractive engineering guy was in the lecture and we’ve been sitting together lately. It’s nice. I love watching his mouth when he talks. One side of his mouth goes crooked. Really cute. Although he tends to mumble/speak really softly. Combined with the accent I’m constantly saying “Pardon? Oh goodness, sorry, I didn’t hear that… What? Say that again? … Pardon?” I also noticed that his hair seems to look lighter. I thought it was jet black (or really close to black) but now it looks like a warm and dark chestnut. I also feel stupid now, he got a B+ in the subject I did the worst in and said he wasn’t smart. Brb crying in a corner now.

Look at Jake, all smug at how he ruined our family dinner.


Today the family and I were eating a nice, quiet dinner and then Homestuck got updated. I know this because my dad suddenly said, “Do you hear that?” It was the sound of my laptop blasting Cascade, the song my update checking software plays every time there’s a new Homestuck update. I wanted to go turn it off but my mom was all, “No! Stay at the dinner table, no one’s supposed to leave until we’re all done eating!” So we spent the rest of the dinner awkwardly talking over Cascade while I was drowning in tons of Cascade related feels.




(Note: This is a typical Tumblr post for me. Yeah. Tumblr culture is significantly different than the sophisticated blogosphere).

I’m srsly so stupid

My chem lab partner is kinda cute, hahahahahaha

*flied out the window*

But I seriously ruined our lab experiment and I just. WHY??

I take reading week seriously

I went to the library today and got some awesome possum books. I was delighted to see that my local library had the “blind date with a book” booth set up. So I picked one up. It was labelled as “a wonderfully woven tapestry” or something like that. At first I was like, OH GOD A BOOK ABOUT TAPESTRIES HOW HARD CORE IS THAT THIS BOOK SPEAKS TO ME. But it’s actually a book about India. That’s cool too, but I was disappointed. One day I’m going to write a book about five little old ladies in a tapestry weaving club. Now that’s hard core. (I’m not even joking I’ve got the whole thing planned out).

Always there

To the man and his son who I never fail to see every Saturday sitting in front of the religious books whenever I go to Fish Creek,

I assume the worst. The public library is public after all. The first two times I saw you two sitting there, I thought nothing of it. But both times neither of you were looking at the books. This time you were just holding your son, both of you in your own world. I don’t know your story. I don’t know why you’re always here. But I hope that whatever happens in your life, it will only be good things.

Where are you from?

Person: Where are you from?

Me: Canada

Person: No like, where are you from?

Me: Canada???


I got this question asked to me yesterday. Twice. I decided to not be sassy and just said, “I’m Filipino. I was born here.” But it’s funny whenever people ask me that question. Kinda like how they assume everyone’s an immigrant (which is technically true if you go far back enough and if you’re not First Nations).

Those midterms gfdi

I had two midterms today. Pretty sure I failed both of them. I’m 100% sure I’ll do better on the remaining midterms though because I actually know what’s going on in those courses.

It’s weird how that after I write I write a hard test, I am filled with self loathing. Not just the “wow I’m so stupid why do I procrastinate I hate myself” self loathing you’d expect after an academic failure but the “wow I’m a horrible person like that one time I said a bad thing about that one person x years ago” kind of self loathing. I don’t understand how that works.

Can’t wait for summer!

It’s official. We’re going to the Philippines for the month of May! My mom just picked up the plane tickets a couple of days ago. I’m super excited. I can’t wait. I just need to get through this gosh darn awful semester first. Hopefully it’ll happen…

13 Resolutions for 2013

Jan 2, 2013 | Comments

A new year, a new set of resolutions, probably another year where said resolutions are never fulfilled. But it doesn’t hurt to at least dream, yeah? Usually most people do these resolution posts on the first day of the year, but I do mine second! No, I was busy with the opening of my new blog, go check it out. On with the post!

1. Post more

I hate how this has to be a resolution, but yes, I want to post more. Mostly for my sanity and to make sure that the money I spend on domains are actually worth it (broke university student is broke, I need a job). Plus, I want to look back on my blogs and read my posts and reminisce because I like reminiscing.

2. Catch up on my book log, at least a little

In my last blog post, one of my goals for the Christmas break was to catch on my book log, Room 304. My total goal for this year is to add 200 hundred more books to the database.

3. Spend only an hour per week on Tumblr

Last week I spent 3 hours on Tumblr, which is AMAZING compared to my all time record of 12 hours of Tumblr during a school week. I’m a bit ashamed of that statistic. I’ve been trying to post less and browse less so hopefully that 3 hours will dwindle down to less than an hour soon! So far, it’s Wednesday and I’ve already spent 1 hour on Tumblr, but some of this week wasn’t 2013 so I’ll let that slide. But no more Tumblr for the rest of the week!

4. Don’t gain weight/lose more than 5 pounds

Most of my days are spent sitting around “doing” school work or trying to get ahead in programming languages. As you can guess, the pounds have been adding up. I’m short so even gaining a pound shows (unfortunately). I want to stay the weight I am now, but if I start unintentionally losing weight (haha that’s funny), I don’t want to lose too much weight. Five pounds sounds like a good number.

5. Don’t skip any lectures

Last semester I spent a lot of time “rearranging” lecture time to work on labs or projects (ENGG 200/design was a pain in the butt) or studying for mid-terms. I shouldn’t have done that but the temptation is too great. Especially when you find yourself sitting in a lecture that should have 200+ students but only 3 rows of seats are filled and the professor isn’t making any sense.

6. Stop doing assignments the day before

I’m so guilty of doing this. Last semester a lot of my assignments were due either on Friday, Saturday, Sunday, or Monday. As a result, a lot of procrastination was done. I need to get out of this habit and quick.

8. Be productive during reading week

Reading week is a “week”/period preceding examinations according to Wikipedia. Last semester, reading week came along and I was so pumped. “I’m going to do so much studying and do all of my homework!” Did it happen? Nope.

9. Actually finish some reading challenges

Click here and look at my pitiful attempt at all of those reading challenges. I want to read a lot of books in 2012 but nope, that didn’t happen. I’m only doing 2 challenges this year, the A-Z challenge and to read 100 books (manga and novels).

10. Make something for GitHub

I made a GitHub account but it’s very empty and lonely. I need something to work on as a side project. I just want something there.

11. Keep in touch with my spiritual side

In light of all of the crazy things going around me, I want to always keep in mind of the bigger (spiritual) picture. It’s so easy to lose focus. Admittedly, I haven’t been the most “Catholic” person ever but I hope that will change.

12. 3.0 GPA for this semester

If other people can do it, so can I! I’m aiming for the 3.0. It will come. IT WILL. No longer shall I be dangerously tip toeing the line between passing and failing!

13. Get a summer job

This is the most important one. I have no volunteer (unless altar serving counts) or work experience. How awful would that look if it stayed that way until I graduated? I need a summer job. Thank goodness summer is so long (four months, thank you so much). Hopefully I can actually find a job with my lack of experience…

It’s That Time of Year Again

Dec 7, 2012 | Comments

Usually I bring a textbook with me on the train to study from but today I had only one lecture and I definitely forgot to bring one. So I decided it would be good to write a blog post for once because I really do miss writing these things.

Christmas is indeed in the air! Last week in the food court on campus, Christmas carols were playing and a Santa was walking around asking for donations for some charity. I’m definitely in the holiday spirits!

My dad though is a Christmas fanatic. On the first of November, we put our Christmas tree up. Yeah. The first of November. The family was all home for once and my brother and I put up the decorations on the tree while mom sang Christmas songs and my dad took pictures of us. It was really festive but really way to early to do those things (I had fun either way).

Around two weeks ago he put up the Christmas lights. We got some really long Christmas lights from a family friend because they moved to a condo. My dad put the lights on top of the fence, around all the windows, and even on my little evergreen tree (“little” even though it’s taller than me… And I’m the older one!). As well, my dad plays the Christmas station all the time! I’m serious. When he’s driving, it’s all he listens to. And whenever he’s home and not sleeping, he’s listening to it. In the morning he boosts up the volume until it’s deafeningly loud to wake us up.

He also loves telling us about Christmas in the Philippines. When he was younger he’d go caroling door to door for food. And then they’d go play outside until midnight and light fireworks and firecrackers. It’s really cute when my dad gets in the holiday spirit. It runs off on me too!

Even though I am feeling the holiday cheer, I am absolutely dreading the days as they pass by. Why?


It’s that time of season again! My first final is this Monday, and I’m kind of terrified. Programming is pretty easy if you do all the labs and pay attention. I’m sure I’ll at least pass that one. The other ones… I’m not so sure! I’m taking a course which is kind of like chemistry. I always just seem to let it slip amongst everything else. There’s no mandatory homework except for labs and I never do any practice problems or anything. Mostly because I do have mandatory homework in the rest of my classes and I just don’t bother about my chemistry-like course. It’s really bad, I know. As much as I’d like to study that and only that until the exam, I’d probably fail the rest of my exams. Oh well, I’ll just do what I can, I guess!


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