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My Last Day of Freedom

Sep 3, 2012 | Comments

Tomorrow I start university. Thank goodness for Labour day. I’ve never really understood what Labour day is. All I know is that it delays school by one more day and that’s all I need to know to be thankful for it. To be honest, I’m not at all that excited to be honest. Technically, classes don’t start until next week so that’s delayed even further.

This week is all orientation. Basically, just having fun and getting to know the campus and mingling with other potential classmates. It’s all really well organized, from what I’ve seen so far. You have to register and everything and you get put into groups based on what you’re taking. Thankfully, I know one other person in my group. However, that’s also a bad thing in a way. I’m more likely to cling and not socialize at all if I know someone else. We’ll have to see about that.

So this week’s events include tours, games, sport events, going to IKEA (yeah, IKEA, I’m not kidding), and more. There’s a lot to do this week, I’m somewhat overwhelmed but somewhat excited. Excited because it sounds extremely fun and overwhelmed because ugh, people.

This summer I’ve been staying at home like a boring person. I haven’t interacted with my friends since Stampede week and that was the first week of July. It’s the first week of September. I’m so accustomed to being cooped up into my room. I might get shocked by being surrounded by a scarily large amount of people (3243 people and counting to be exact). I’m nervous. I get such weird anxiety around people. Last Saturday I was freaking out over picking up my textbooks. It went smoothly but I was shaking a little bit. Hopefully that won’t happen at all this week.

So yes, my last day of freedom. I’m going to spend it on Tumblr and talking to people on Facebook. Well, at least that’s the plan. What do I even do on my last day of freedom? All I know is that I’m going to bed super duper early because transit sucks…

Happy Easter!

Apr 8, 2012 | Comments

Lent is finally over. :) My journey with no interent was… Not very successful but I managed to go by with minimal (emphasis on minimal) internet. I mostly dedicated myself to YouTube on the “play all” function so that was interesting. It’s weird because I had the strongest urge to blog throughout the forty days. Very odd, I thought I would just forget about it but it wasn’t the case at all. I actually started writing blog posts that I intended to post for later.

So what’s new with my life? Absolutely nothing. I’m really getting my butt kicked in everything schoool related. Not literally. But that’s not new, I’m always getting my butt kicked! I just need to pick up the pace and spring break seems like the greatest oppurtunity to catch up and get on my study horse again.

Here’s my little to-do list for the break:

  1. Study for a calculus test.

  2. Trig review questions.

  3. Physics homework from last week.

  4. Activity guide on democracy.

  5. 130+ questions on Wuthering Heights.

  6. Start and finish reading Heart of Darkness.

  7. Start reading Kafka on the Shore.

Yeah. I think there’s more actually but the most daunting task is those questions on Wuthering Heights. I’m currently avoiding it but sooner or later I have to do it. I guess looking at that list is motivation in itself. Also, I want to get this done and over with so I have the rest of the break to do whatever I want (sitting at the computer, watching TV, playing video games, and more, haha) instead of doing everything I want first and then staying up until 3 in the morning the day before I go back to school.

On another note, today is my mother’s birthday today! She’s 53 today. It’s interesting how we (we as in teenagers, which I know doesn’t apply to all of you out there) get so caught up in our own lives and our growing up but we don’t really notice our parent(s)/guardian(s) growing older. Suddenly I notice the wrinkles, the knobby hands, the slightly bent back, and the strands of grey hair. Needless to say, I’m starting to appreciate my mom a whole lot more. Happy birthday mom!

It Sucks the Life Out of You

Feb 10, 2012 | Comments

Today, my high school hosted a blood donation centre. I wanted to donate blood because, well, it’s for a good cause, right? I drank tons of water the day of and the day before so in my morning classes I was going to the washroom a whole lot. So, I went to donate blood during lunch time. I filled out a form, got a drop of blood tested for my iron level, answered some questions (sexual history, travelling, and any other things that could influence whether or not my blood is good to donate or not).

So I got all that done and went on to the dreaded donating chair. It looked like some kind of torture device, haha! The woman who prepared me was a sweet Filipino lady. When she told me to look away, and I felt the needle pierce through my skin, then I heard a “oh no.” That’s never a good thing to hear when there’s needles involved. Thankfully, she just missed my vein. That also meant that I couldn’t donate blood. “Next time!” she said. “Sorry to poke you for nothing!” I guess the only good thing was the fact that I missed part of my social class!

When I arrived I heard my social teacher complaining about how donating blood was sucking the life out of his class… Haha. Too true! We were awfully dead silent and unresponsive. Which really contrasted to my next period class where we had a work period and everyone was jumping around and yelling.

My day was kind of okay I guess. Now I’m dead tired and my arm kind of hurts. Well, I did get free pizza and two juice boxes!

The Beginning of the End

Feb 1, 2012 | Comments

January was a mostly boring month. Filled with studying, tears, gaming, eating, sleeping, more tears, and a bit more studying. The only exciting day was yesterday, which was the first day of the semester. The last semester of high school. Oh, the end is near.

One of my the girls in my section told me that there was band practice the morning of the first day of semester. I went to school at seven and… No band practice. There were people there but not my crowd. Now, we have cubby holes in the band room. We usually leave our stuff on the floor but now we have cubby holes which is kind of inconvenient since they’re upstairs. I kinda wish they didn’t make them but at the same time, the band room always looks like a hurricane swept through. Plus, it’s a safety hazard!

Anyway, my new schedule for this semester is calculus first period, English second, social third, and then physics last. It’s a bit heavy (for high school anyway). I’m already drowning in homework! Ah, well I better get used to it if I’m doing engineering in university.

Today in English, my teacher started throwing deadlines at us and I was feeling overwhelmed already. Then she showed us exemplar essays… Oh goodness, my writing is nowhere near that level! I have a lot of work to do this semester. :S I think English is the course I’m most worried about.

Still, I’m going to try my best to post as much as I can. Most of them will be school related as that is the only thing I know right now, and the only thing I will know for the rest of the semester!

Good Riddance

Jan 27, 2012 | Comments

Finally, my final exams are over! I only wrote math and chemistry but I studied my butt off for both of them. Yesterday I had chemistry. It was mad hard but I have to admit that I studied math more than I did for chemistry. I did go to a diploma prep for chemistry which somewhat helped. Math was super easy but I’m still worried over it. Super easy could mean that it was really super easy or that I just thought it was easy when in reality, I did everything wrong. I’m hoping for the best. But I’m still worried! My stomach hurts just thinking about it! Thankfully I don’t have to go to school until Tuesday. Even then, it seems like not a long time.

Anyway, after I wrote my chemistry, I went to the library and stayed there for a good hour. I took out eight books. Moon Boy (Volumes 1-3) by Lee Young-You, Cirque Du Freak (Volume 7) by Darren Shan and Takahiro Arai, Perfect Match by Jodi Picoult, Poster Boy by Dede Crane, The Truth About Delilah Blue by Tish Cohen, and Kafka on the Shore by Haruki Murakami. You can read more about why I got those books here.

Later on in the evening, I went to a youth group meeting at my parish. It was my first time there (and the first youth group meeting in a year) but I knew everyone there so I didn’t really have to worry about social interactions and such. There was a lot of discussion going on, which was quite enjoyable I think. I’m not much of a talker so I just listened. I left with a lot to think about, actually. The theme of that meeting was basically being aware of what’s happening in the world. Of course, being young adults, we got off topic quite a couple of times but each topic was just as meaningful as the first. I’m hoping to go regularly if time permits.

So, a couple days ago I finally transferred my domains from Go Daddy to Namecheap. Why? Because of the constant complaints I always hear about them, the poor customer service, and of course, SOPA. Yes, I do know that Go Daddy no longer supports SOPA and that SOPA is less likely to exist but the fact that they said, “We don’t support SOPA anymore” right after Wikipedia and thousands more said they were going to move all of their domains from Go Daddy doesn’t make them trustworthy in my eyes. It’s quite apparent that they only made that statement because of all of the money and potential customers they lost. Good bye Go Daddy and good riddance!


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