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Lake Parties, Food, School, and . . . Michael Jackson!

Jun 29, 2009 | Comments

Some updates… Alright, I’ve got the basic Nav links up. Sadly, I forgot the Affies and Linkage… links. TT_TT I’ll fix it later (read the last paragraph). I got my Twitter up, my stats counter, and a new C-BOX! What am I missing? Oh right, actual content! Don’t worry, I’m working on it…

Now back to real life… Yesterday I went to a party for the end of the year. Okay, it was more like a BBQ but it still counts, right? We ate hot dogs, and chips. They rented sumo wrestling suits, and everyone wrestled each other. It was quite amusing.

Then, today I went to ANOTHER party. It was at the lake. I couldn’t swim (I CAN swim…but I couldn’t…), so I played volleyball instead. Yeah…I epically failed. It was fun either way.

Tomorrow’s the last day off school. ANOTHER barbeque, and report cards. Watch me fail my exams. Haha… And since I can not buy games with my iTunes gift card (stupid Canadian laws!), I resort to buying Michael Jackson songs with a rip offf price off $1.29!

Anyway~ I’ve been watching Tatsuya Ueda fanvids! They’re really cute. I need to make one…one day. Haha. Those who don’t know me, I am a total Tatsuya Ueda fanatic. He’s a Japanese singer from the group KAT-TUN. So cute, lovely singer, and amazing song writer! I have no chance with him, but a girl can dream!

Eh. My mom wants me to go to sleep now. It’s only 8:15! And who cares if you’re late tomorrow. They don’t take attendance… Well, I’m going now! Good night (how is it night time?)! Love ya!


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