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Incoming Mail #1

Aug 26, 2015 | Comments

This is a new segment, where I post the things that I received in the mail! Since the beginning of the year, I’ve acquired some penpals and started buying more things online. I’m not sure if I’ll separate the things I buy from my penpal letters but I don’t think I buy that much to warrant it. Today, I only have purchases to show you. On to the post!

Purchases {.subheader}

Lately I’ve been deep into Swagbucks, which is sort of like a loyalty rewards programs. You basically answers surveys, watch videos, etc. and get virtual currency for it. You can then redeem the currency for gift cards and I’ve been earning Amazon gift cards left and right. I’ve already bought three things with them!


Villette by Charlotte Bronte – I love this book. I already own this book. Weird, I know. Why would I want multiple copies of the same book? I’ve always wanted to collect things. Actual, tangible things (i.e. non-digital things). I decided that I would collect copies of this book.


The Rebel by Albert Camus – A dear friend recommended this book to me. I’ve been procrastinating on reading this book for such a long time because I’m a procrastinator and I’m a slow reader when it comes to essays like these. It’s a used book but it will do for my purposes. I plan to tear this book apart. Not literally. I want to analyze it and truly understand it. My progress will probably be tracked on my study blog.



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