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The Ending of Arrival

Feb 22, 2017 | Comments

I finally got to watch Arrival the other day. It wasn’t exactly everything that I expected but I think I wasn’t displeased with the twist.

The fist half of the movie follows Louise, a professor who specializes in languages and translations. She is recruited by the government to help translate the language of aliens who had touched down on earth. Together with a mathematician, Ian, they slowly learn the writing system of the aliens.

At the climax, the aliens are at risk of being attacked by multiple countries around the world. This is when it is revealed that Louise can experience the future. She uses her glimpses of the future to piece together how exactly she had to prevent the attack on the aliens.

Throughout the movie, Louise had been seeing visions of her child. I initially thought these were flashbacks from the past and that the stress of sleepless nights had resurfaced painful memories for Louise. What was really happening was that Louise had been experiencing the future and the present simultaneously.

Louise marries her partner Ian and have a child together and that child is the one Louise had seen in her episodes into the future. While still in the present, Louise experiences multiple memories with her daughter Hannah and eventually learns that Hannah has an incurable disease that causes her to die in her teens.

This part of the movie caused great confusion for my SO and I.

If Louise knew that her daughter would have to suffer and die early, why did she choose to have her at all?

One of the arguments that I think is the most forgivable is that Louise is not able to control the outcome of her future, despite being able to see it. That is, her future is predetermined and she can’t change her future no matter what. So it doesn’t really matter that she knows what’s going to happen if she can’t change it.

A counter argument is that when she experiences the future, it is happening and she can make choices. There is hard evidence in the movie that supports this argument. When Louise is talking to her daughter at the lake, she asks her what day it is because she isn’t sure that what is happening is real or just a vision. Another scenario is when she is trying to think of a term for her daughter and it isn’t until she hears someone say it in the present that she can tell her daughter the term in the future.

In terms of morality, I have mixed feelings. Is it immoral of Louise to bring her daughter into the world if she knew her daughter would suffer? It’s a touchy subject and I cannot come to a complete decision on the topic.

On one hand, I’m a firm believer of “it’s better to have loved and lost than to not love at all.” As a result of knowing Hannah’s future, Louise is able to cherish each and every moment with her daughter. She loves Hannah with ever fiber of her being. Who’s to say that Hannah’s happier years weren’t worth it?

While I also believe in a women’s choice to do whatever she wants with her body, this situation is different because her actions absolutely impacts another person’s life negatively. It’s unfair that someone so young and just beginning her life would have it cut short. Some people might say it is cruel and irresponsible for Louise to bring her daughter into the world.

I really don’t know what to think of it but I keep turning it over in my mind. Louise doesn’t really have a rare circumstance. Some people have genetic disorders that can be passed down to their own kids. They have to choose whether or not they want to have kids or not. Some find out about a condition while the child is not yet born and they are faced with the same decision.

Is it up to the parents? Do some situations call for different actions or is there a universally ethical way of handling it? I don’t know myself. I hope I don’t have to choose and if I do, I hope I’ll be confident in my answer.

I Watched: Rogue One

Jan 20, 2017 | Comments

Spoilers, beware.

I am not a huge Star Wars fan. I watched the first trilogy very quickly, bits and pieces of the second trilogy, and The Force Awakens. Honestly, most of what I know about Star Wars is from the Lego video games and Family Guy. However, my lack of knowledge of the franchise didn’t stop me from going to the theaters and watching the latest installment.

When I first watched the Rogue One trailer, I was left wanting for a little more. There were characters I haven’t seen before and it revealed little about the plot. I avoided any spoilers about the movie, somehow, so I truly was going into it with zero expectations. Overall, I enjoyed it.

The IMAX Experience

Because we missed the showing we originally planned to see and I had to get home at a certain time, I picked the next showing which was IMAX. It didn’t really click with me that it was IMAX until it was five minutes before the movie started and I looked down at my ticket wondering why there wasn’t a theater number on it. Turns out, the theater number was “IMAX.”

Now, I don’t have an eye for special effects or resolution or whatever film buffs look for in terms of aesthetic quality. But right off the bat I realized that the movie was definitely not made to be 3D. There wasn’t a whole lot of depth and quite honestly, I forgot I was watching a supposedly 3D movie. In my opinion, skip the IMAX, you’re probably not missing much.


Okay, I wasn’t completely spoiler free going into this movie. I had read somewhere on Reddit mentioning Princess Leia being recreated with CGI and not recasted. Thankfully I didn’t remember that comment until the scene where Leia appears. My first thought was, “Woah, that’s CGI?” I honestly think they did a great job.

It also wasn’t until I went on Reddit did I realize Tarkin was done in CGI as well. Not once did I get an uncanny valley vibe from that character. Now that I’m looking at screenshots after the fact, he does look significantly more cartoony. Still, it looks pretty impressive. Maybe my favourable opinion is due to the 3D masking some of the obvious CGI giveaways.

The Story

Like I said before, I had no idea what to expect going into the movie when it came to the plot. Since I’m not too familiar to the universe, it took me a while to grasp what exactly what was happening but I got the jist of it.

There were some cheesy moments, such as when Jyn goes to the Alliance with her father’s message and nothing comes out of it but wait, some people totally believe her and will go against their organization to help her! I get that it was necessary but it was a tad predictable.

The ending kinda left me in shock. When K-2 was killed my jaw hung open slightly. Then Donnie Yen died (I really don’t know the characters names very well) and I was getting a bit teary eyed. Then the big dude who follows Donnie Yen everywhere exploded. The deaths never stopped coming!

But what surprised me the most was the bittersweet ending. The mission is complete but many lives were sacrificed. One of the Rebel councillors implied that it would have been a suicide mission and it was. The last scene reminded me of the end of 2012, of the two people holding onto each other in the incoming tidal wave. Honestly, it was a beautiful scene.

The Characters

K-2 was a very refreshing character and I enjoyed his comedic relief. And I think that’s the only character in the entire movie that made a lasting impression on me.

Throughout the entire movie I was trying to determine Cassian’s accent. French? Spanish? I still don’t know. Jyn was a little bit of a disappointment but I was thrilled at a female lead, even if Jyn felt extremelt flat. Donnie Yen’s character was pretty badass and I enjoyed his dynamic with his big sidekick. Tarkin was wonderfully creepy and fit the bill for a stereotypical villain but that’s all he was.

In short, nothing spectacular about the characters.

The Summary

It was a good movie. I don’t have much to complain about other than the flat characters that I felt little attachment to. Was it worth like $20 for the IMAX? Nope. But I think most people are pretty pleased with the movie and so am I.

You Know What Happens When You Dance

Dec 31, 2011 | Comments

Yesterday was my birthday. Yay birthdays! I’m now the golden age of 17 (this means I have to change all my ages on my websites, ack)! I kinda don’t feel any different (no one ever does, am I right?), not to mention that 17 is a weird number. I guess it’s because it’s odd. But 21 and 23 aren’t that weird of numbers either. I guess 17 is weird because it’s that age that’s in between. I’m a teen but almost a legal adult. Oh, that’s a scary thought.

Anyway, yesterday was a great day! It’s far from one of the best birthdays ever but it was still loads of fun.

In the morning we woke up extra early to go to the weekday mass as church. After mass Father made the congregation sing happy birthday to me. It was embarrassing. Like, what do you do other than stand there awkwardly with a ridiculous grin on your face while people sing to you? I sure don’t know.

After that we went home for a bit and then headed out for the mall. I invited a couple of friends for lunch and a movie. We watched the new Sherlock Holmes movie. I wanted to watch The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo but it’s 18A. One of my frieds is already 18 so she could have bought the tickets for us but I didn’t want her to. Good thing though because Sherlock Holmes is a great movie! Oh goodness, I loved it so much. Maybe even more than the first one. It had just the right mix of action, comedy, and wonderful deductions. Although I would have liked Sherlock to deduce more as he spent more screen time punching people or shooting a gun. Still, his antics were just golden.

I went home after the movie and fell asleep on my brother as he played on his shiny new PS3 since I was tired. I drooled a bit, haha. Then I was rudely awoken by him when our first visitors rang the doorbell. As more people came we started to eat. It was yummy dinner. Classic Filipino dishes and spaghetti. Although the spaghetti was quite dry, but shh, don’t tell my mom that.

Overall it was a great day. I still can’t get over the movie though. It’s like when I watched Inception. Yeah, Inception. Don’t judge me, I love that movie.

He-Man Woman Haters

Jun 27, 2011 | Comments

Right now, it’s commercial break and I’m watching The Little Rascals. This movie is such a classic. I would always watch it nonstop when I was younger. It’s almost kinda weird watching it now. I feel like a kid all over again! Except now, I can recite all the words to this movie.

My favourite lines?

_Dear Darla,

I hate your stinking guts.

You make me vomit.

You are scuuuum between my toes.

Love, Alfalfa_

That right there is the greatest love note of all history.

On a different note, I’m due to go to summer school next week. I’m only taking religion, so it only takes up half the time of normal summer school. All three levels of religion are required to graduate since I go to a Catholic school. Next year, I have no room for it because my schedule’s all full. So, summer school.

I don’t really know what I’m going to do after high school, so I’m taking all sciences and maths hence my full schedule. What if I finally decide what I want to do, but I don’t have the required courses to take it in university or college? I guess better safe than sorry. But now I’m dreading my last year of high school. Fun stuff. Ah well, I’ll make the best of it. For now, I have summer (after summer school) to look forward to.


Mar 18, 2010 | Comments

Last Saturday I got to see Alice in Wonderland! I absolutely loved it. Tim Burton makes amazing movies. Edward Scissorhands, Corpse Bride, The Nightmare Before Christmas… Holy cheese he is a genious! And Helena Carter is such a great actress. She did the Red Queen so well! Johnny Depp, pssh. He was a good Hatter though.

After the movie, we went to Zellers! There was some toys on display and Cloud touched one of them and then it started to sing and dance. He was so scared that he slapped it and ran away. Literally ran away. Me and my friends burst out laughing.

So, my current obsession right now is Dissidia: Final Fantasy. Even though it’s the long weekend, I have to finish my homework today so I can play Final Fantasy non-stop! So… I shall go do homework now!

Bye bye~!

Ps. Miyavi’s daughter is adooorable. :3|||1||


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