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Goodbye, University

Jul 3, 2018 | Comments

Last month, I finally graduated from university. It took me six years to finish university: one year of engineering, four years of computer science, and one year of internship. I can’t believe that I’ve spent nearly a quarter of my life as an undergraduate.

I remember starting out my first year so optimistic. Engineering classes were so brutal and every week I resolved to start anew. But I really hated those classes except for the software and electrical course. Those two classes weren’t enough to pull my grades up and I knew I had to switch out. I went with my second choice on paper but the first choice in my heart: computer science.

The secret for me to doing well was taking a reduced course load. I took four courses instead of a full course load of five courses and took spring and summer classes. Just the difference of one course made university a lot more bearable.

The first three years of university was a little rough in general. Trying to make friends was really hard for me and I started drifting apart from my high school friends. I met my boyfriend at the time and I thought that all my social woes were solved then and there. That was the biggest misconception I had.

That relationship has since ended and even though I spent a good three years with him, I’m not devastated over it. I learned a lot about myself in that relationship. I still stand by the fact that he was a good guy but we just weren’t right for each other and we both had a lot to learn about communication.

At the tail end of my relationship, I threw myself into extracurriculars. I started volunteering at the university with one of my friends. While I didn’t really make many friends this way, it was a good way for me to practice socializing in a professional matter. I also started going to the Computer Science Undergraduate Society a lot more. When my ex was a part of the club and I originally went there a lot just so I could see him. Then he graduated and I went there to make some friends of my own. And I’m so glad I did!

My last year of university is what I wished every single year was like. Being with friends. Having fun with my courses. Getting good grades. It was all I could hope for.

I’m so grateful for the privilege of going to university. Here I am, sitting in the library, on the brink of tears. It’s weird closing this chapter of my life and opening up a new one. Nevertheless, I am glad. Time for the next adventure.

Block Week

Jan 2, 2018 | Comments

I went back to school today. It’s a little weird to be back at school but also familiar. This semester is going to be a light one. I’m only taking two courses. One course is only five days long. So essentially I just have one course throughout the semester!

The block week course I’m taking right now is just a history course but it’s really interesting. I’ve always found history fascinating but I was never great at being tested on or writing about history. I just like listening to a story, basically. The assignments are a little grueling, we have to write 1000 words each day. 1000 words is a lot to me. At least so I thought and then I realized I went over the word limit for today. I’ll cut it down later.

My professor is pretty awesome. He has a wealth of information that just comes out so easily and eloquently. He’s funny to boot. He made a Downton Abbey reference which I appreciated. Over the Christmas break I took the opportunity to finish all of Downton Abbey. Today’s lecture really put into perspective all of the crazy titles some of the characters have. It’s kinda crazy to think that the titles were still relevant all the way into the 1930’s!

Hopefully I survive the rest of the week. 6 hour days will never cease to be brutal for me…


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