Edel Grace

Programmer, Developer, Enthusiast

Kowther's Turtle Button

The “Problem”

The goal of this project was to design a button that would delight its user and respect some aspects of their personality. In this case, the user was a fellow classmate of mine, Kowther. After some interviewing, I determined the following:

  • She watches a lot of movies but no horror or rom coms
  • She has a double major in psychology and linguisitics
  • She wants a pet box turtle and a cat named Aang (like from Avatar: The Last Airbender)
  • She works a lot and enjoys it (just wishes she would get paid more)
  • She listens to a lot of podcasts some which are movie related and some are DnD related (but she’s never played DnD before)
  • She likes the X-men!

The Solution

How to run the program

In the end, I decided on representing Kowther through a series of food induced daydreams which is triggered by the user feeding the turtle. I think it really captures Kowther’s metaphoric appetite for knowledge and each little scene has a certain charm which shows some of Kowther’s charm as well.

The Process


The first instruction was to come up with ten sketches of different buttons. They did not have to be perfect or even feasible, just ideas.

After that round of sketches I came up with a couple of more after reflecting on it.

First Prototype

What I came up with was a virtual terrarium featuring Kowther’s Turtle. One thing I noticed about Kowther was that she has an apetite for learning things. I thought it would be a fun idea to have a button to feed a turtle in order for it to play movie trailers of movies that she would might like to watch. Depending on the food given, it would learn to play movies from certain genres more or less.

Feedback/More Sketching

Some of the feedback I received:

  • Would need some instructions
  • Would need a way to cancel a trailer
  • Clarification on the purpose of the green and red foods and how it affects the interaction

After discussions with others, I realized that my button relies a lot on third party content and it doesn’t let other aspects of Kowther’s personality shine. I decided to let the food trigger other actions than just movie trailers.

Final Notes

This project was a fun creative exercise. The process of creating all the assets was a great learning experience. In the future, I could polish up some of the animations and incorporated some sounds or maybe even add some more interactions such as petting the turtle.