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Goodbye, University

Jul 3, 2018 | Comments

Last month, I finally graduated from university. It took me six years to finish university: one year of engineering, four years of computer science, and one year of internship. I can’t believe that I’ve spent nearly a quarter of my life as an undergraduate.

I remember starting out my first year so optimistic. Engineering classes were so brutal and every week I resolved to start anew. But I really hated those classes except for the software and electrical course. Those two classes weren’t enough to pull my grades up and I knew I had to switch out. I went with my second choice on paper but the first choice in my heart: computer science.

The secret for me to doing well was taking a reduced course load. I took four courses instead of a full course load of five courses and took spring and summer classes. Just the difference of one course made university a lot more bearable.

The first three years of university was a little rough in general. Trying to make friends was really hard for me and I started drifting apart from my high school friends. I met my boyfriend at the time and I thought that all my social woes were solved then and there. That was the biggest misconception I had.

That relationship has since ended and even though I spent a good three years with him, I’m not devastated over it. I learned a lot about myself in that relationship. I still stand by the fact that he was a good guy but we just weren’t right for each other and we both had a lot to learn about communication.

At the tail end of my relationship, I threw myself into extracurriculars. I started volunteering at the university with one of my friends. While I didn’t really make many friends this way, it was a good way for me to practice socializing in a professional matter. I also started going to the Computer Science Undergraduate Society a lot more. When my ex was a part of the club and I originally went there a lot just so I could see him. Then he graduated and I went there to make some friends of my own. And I’m so glad I did!

My last year of university is what I wished every single year was like. Being with friends. Having fun with my courses. Getting good grades. It was all I could hope for.

I’m so grateful for the privilege of going to university. Here I am, sitting in the library, on the brink of tears. It’s weird closing this chapter of my life and opening up a new one. Nevertheless, I am glad. Time for the next adventure.

I'm Stuffed

Jan 22, 2018 | Comments

Disclaimer: These are my own opinions of these restaurants, this post is not sponsored!

This weekend was a very filling one. Each day I was eating something yummy, somewhere!


My brother and my cousin went to Blue Fin Sushi. They have an all you can eat lunch pretty cheaply for $17.84 CAD. No limits or anything! I was supposed to go with them last week but I ended up missing it. Last week my cousin ate so much he threw up. I took that as a good sign that they wouldn’t skimp out on the food.

So my brother and cousin suggested to go again and I could finally go with them! I had been waiting for this lunch the entire week. I definitely did not push myself to the point of throwing up but I did eat enough to feel considerably full. I could have powered through one more order but it is a lot of sushi!

One order of sushi


My birthday was last December. I originally planned for a lunch but the weather was extremely bad. It snowed quite a lot and the roads were terrible for driving. So I cancelled it and then rescheduled! Unfortunately not everyone could make it still but still had good attendance.

The person who couldn’t make it was the person we were counting on guiding us through the menu since he’s been there a couple of times. I decided on going to Moon Korean BBQ because I’ve heard nothing but rave reviews about it from my friends. It was the cutest little restaurant. The decor was minimalistic but also homely with some Korean pop music going on in the background.

They even had the cutest cutlery sets!

Pretty dishes

Anyway, we ended up just getting the all you can eat menu. We had a two hour time limit of 10 different items per round. We ate a lot of meat and opted for grilling our food ourselves (but not without some handholding from our server).

Meat grilling on the table

The food was absolutely delicious. I wish I remembered to buy cheesecake for dessert though. 10 out of 10, would eat again!


Sunday was much less glamorous. My cousin had coupons for Taco Time and we just went and bought burritos. I bought a beef and cheese burrito and, man, it is a lot of meat. I could not finish it and felt full for the rest of the day. We also went to buy timbits for a snack afterwards.

There was a Goodwill nearby and we decided to drop in. I’ve never been there before and wanted to see what was there. There were a bunch of cheap tea sets that made me think of Moon Korean BBQ. I know where I will shop for my dishes and such for when I move out!

In Summary

This weekend was really nice! I spent too much money and calories on food, however. I’m hoping to cut down on all this food from this point forward.

Back to Work…

Jan 4, 2017 | Comments

The holidays are officially over, for I went back to work today. It was a bit of a slow day. I got my internship extended, however they basically treated me as a new hire since my contract ended in December. So I’m starting from scratch, essentially. I had no laptop, no e-mail, no account to login into any computer connected to the company’s network… Kinda rough.

However, I did manage to do some small tasks that didn’t require the use of a computer.

I’m currently doing an inventory of our gear and before I left for holidays, I was labelling items that needed to be recycled or sold. Apparently some of the labels fell off so I reinforced them all with tape. Since I was gone for two weeks, there were a couple of new devices in our inventory so I took note of those as well.

Some of the devices are strewn about the place with no order so I attempted to move some of them into groups of device types. For example, some of the supervisor engines were mixed with the switches when there was a shelf dedicated solely for engines.

We use bins to store smaller items. Some of the bins didn’t have any labels so I had to make some in order for people to know where everything is. I also labelled some ambiguos boxes. It’s a big guessing game looking at them all.

I received a package from Meraki containing a Meraki access point. Pretty cool! I thought that maybe I needed to do something with it for work so I read the manual but it turned out that it’s mine to keep. It’s super sleek.

In my co-op, I have to hand in reports in order to get credit. One of the first things I have to hand in during the start of the work term is learning objectives. I spent a good amount of time trying to think up of what I wanted to accomplish during this work term. I’m still pretty undecided as I don’t want to repeat myself from last term’s objectives.

After work, I went over to my SO’s place. While he played Vermintide with friends, I continued reading Buried in Books by Julie Rugg. Basically it’s a collection of quotes regarding books and reading. I love reading books about books and reading. What Ilove more is reading a book about books that are about books and reading.

After that we settled in for some quiet time to work on a puzzle I bought him for Christmas. It’s a big 1000 piece puzzle of a volcano. I chose it because it was cool and dramatic and it was more than two colours. I guess some people like the challenge of putting together a puzzle of the ocean and the sky but not us.

Anyway, that’s my day in a nutshell. A very chill and relaxing day. Now I’m hoping to tinker with the access point I received, work out a little, and study a bit for my CCNA before I hit the hay.

Almost Happy Birthday

Dec 26, 2007 | Comments

My birthday is in four days! I’ll finally be thirteen! I have had it with people staring at me and going, “You’re still twelve?” It’s annoying. I’m not the only twelve year old in grade eight!

One of my friends is already fourteen! She can get her learner’s permit nd she cant get over the fact she’s two years older than me. At least I’m not like my one friend. HHe doesnt turn thirteen until February.

Another great thing: in three days my cousin is coming to Canada! I’m excited because she’s from way back in the Philippines and I haven’t seen her since fourth grade. But it’s kinda complicated with her. My mom booked the flight without asking her mom but I was the one who asked if she could come before or on my brithday. I want her to play laser quest with me and my friends on sunday.

I got an iPod nano today! I was really surprised because I didnt even ask for an iPod nano, and its not christmas anymore. Whatever.

I’m listening to an awesome song. Sweet Child O’ Mine by Guns N’ Roses

I love December.

Food Bank

Dec 15, 2007 | Comments

Today, my TA went to the church across the street to help out with the food hampers. Our job was to bring all 200 something boxes from the basement to the main floor. Do you know how hard that is? It was definitely a workout for me. I got my friend pat to help me with over half of my boxes and he calls me lazy. There was this freight elevator, and we had to bring carts full of food with it. It was so sketchy and small, and dark. Although, it was hilarious. Once, we had to cram 8 kids in there (it looked like it should fit one shopping cart in there) and then, someone farted. Junior high shenanigans right there.


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